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Are you a curious person but also an avid porn fan all at the same time? If this sounds like you, hop on and satisfy that curiosity once and for all, but be sure, your faith will not be the one of a particular cat.
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If you want to learn about how do these slutty girls that cater to your wishes become what they are, then stick around and see this review through, you are going to learn some interesting info about!
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As you can guess from the name, the site is designed to show you how do girls who were previously lovely, shy, and polite, become the cock swallowing sluts that they are today. If your wish is to see them slowly twisting their personality after every minute of having a huge cock throbbing inside her wet cunt, then this place is definitely for you. For now, this site has 67 videos, which is not a lot, but one thing that makes it a decent offer to buyers is the fact that all of their videos are in HQ and that you get both video and a picture samples/previews before buying. These previews are usually around two minutes long, but they show you exactly what the hell is going on in there, and as far as the pictures go, you can only see the thumbnails instead of the whole gallery, but even those are usually enough to tickle your imagination. Now, when the girls are getting fucked, they are generally accompanied by a slightly more experienced model, or maybe a mentor, so if teaching is also something that became a turn on for you in these recent years, then all the more reason for you to stick around. If you want to discuss the pricing, I don't have an issue with that either, since the only thing that I should tell you about it is that you have a few different options, some shorter and some longer, and the prices mostly adjusted to the length. The first and the cheapest is the one-month membership, which is $24 and it is okay if you don't want to stay on one site for a while. The second, and in my opinion the best option, is the three months option because it gives you just enough time to explore the website without growing bored of it. And the last option is the full year one, which is decent if we are talking about the price, with the amount of content being that small, I don't think anyone is going to have an interest into wasting a hundred dollars of their precious money for something that is a limited pleasure.


Navigation is so simple even a half-asleep person could do it flawlessly. You have a few various buttons that all take you directly where you want to be without showing you crap in the middle of the process. Clean and straightforward, just the way I like it.  


Now before you actually attack me for maybe being a little confusing, I'm not saying that this is a bad site, in fact, I'm clearly praising the content, it's just that the seriousness and the quality of it doesn't make sense when you take into consideration the lack of updates and the quantity of it. If you want to attract people for a limited time, by all means, keep the size small, but if you plan on expanding and finding a bigger audience willing to spend their money and grope themselves in a dark room for hours on end for a full year, I think that they should concentrate on casting some sexier teenage girls.

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